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Earth is our home!

Save the world petition

Up to one million species could be gone from our planet, many within decades.

Life is being extinguished as fast as when the dinosaurs disappeared -- and it’s happening because humanity is taking a chainsaw to the tree of life.

Unless we stop this tragedy, the Earth’s delicate biodiversity could completely collapse, leaving our planet deathly silent and uninhabitable for humans. But there’s hope - top scientists are backing an ambitious plan to put half our planet under protection and restore harmony with our home.

To help save wildlife and the species of the earth sign the petition to get the governments to act click here!

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Nominate your community leader for the 2021 leadership award! Click here to submit your nomination! Use our form!Nominate your community leader for the 2021 leadership award! Click here to submit your nomination! Use our form!


Community Leadership Award 2021-2022

Goes Too:

Health Care Workers of the Wold get the Crystal Award - of strength

You guys are awesome to have to beat the odds of not only a crazy sophisticated virus but at the same time we had the most self concerned person with the greatest press power going right in your needs faces and you guys still have gone litterally years waring against covid for us - Thank you so so so much guys - thank you - thank you - thank you - thank you! 

The idiots that didn't get vaccinated on accord of the trump failure of modern day man kind well guys - REALLY?  COME ON! SYSTEM FAILURE !  TRUMP, DUDE YOU HAVE MARKED YOUR STONES - HOW HEAVY WILL IT BE WHEN YOU MEET JESUS ON THE DAY OF YOUR JUDGEMENT! LOL SEE YAAAAAAAAAAA! 

Honorable Mentions go to:

Crislen Barnicia The Founder of

for being the first persons to have the courage to ware masks on an Air Canada Flight in 2020 and waring masks in defense of covid in public with discipline to save us all back as far as April 2020

World Leader The Prime Minister of Canada: Justin Trudeau for being the boldest world leader on climate change

setting the lead by taking free money incentives from dirty industry which took major courage because the money is what is emboldening and can cause other issues - FORMIDABLE ON THAT ONE BOSS - THANK YOU - Team - Mr. Erik P. communications director - we stand on guard for thee!

The guy from Toronto who was building the Homeless Shelters in Winters from 2020-2021 - that guy should run for mayer of Toronto -

he did that in the most dangerous areas!  That Carpenter is a saint and a hero combined - if you know who he is tell us or if you are him contact us!  He actually was donating time and money for materials in a year with super high material prices to build shelters when their was a need for homeless help!  Big rich guys that think your buts don't stink no offense  don't you see covid for what it is?  You think we are so sophisticated ?  We can't even solve homeless!  Rich guys of T.O should take not on being a man of Chivalry like this Good Samaritan of Toronto!  He is awesome as Drake in comparison!  Right on man Canada loves you who ever you are!

Erik M. Parti Chief Communications Officer Of

for having the courage to be the very first persons to ware a mask and creating the first Safety Plans for covid even at the scoffs of the neigh sayers and lobby for P.P.E and public protection in early 2020 and for the acts to provide writing and leadership in the beginning even in the face of gravel throwing in the faces of the good leaders and mockery from primitive world leaders that in essence caused deaths through bad leadership.

Good job Erik for that - thoughtfulness based on science and facts and observations and strength to start writing to all levels of world leadership to take action promoting the wearing of face coverings and saving the lives of people by writing and influencing for the rules to come in to force to protect us, not as freedoms of personal choice but for people to have understanding of freedoms of honor and duty to protect everyone by slowing the spread through personal protective equipment.

To contact the email or click here!


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